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At Sky Valley Nursery we strive to be the best for Eastern Seattle. The best selection of trees, shrubs, decorative flowers, etc. From March to October our outdoor nursery is filled with an enormous selection of plants that move quickly in and out of the store. New, fresh plants are brought in each week from native to drought tolerant to new and unusual. Most of our plant buyers have been here ten years or more and can tell you about the plants you are purchasing and help you find the right plants for your garden.


Our nursery in Monroe features a vast seasonal variety of the perfect plant, tree, shrub, floral centerpiece that you are looking for. Spring through Fall we offer organic vegetable starts.vegplant


Sky Valley Nursery proudly features the best organic fertilizer in Eastern Seattle. Down to Earth fertilizers are not only good for the environment but also perfect for your organic vegetable garden. downtoearth


We hand pick all of our perfect gifts, pulled from local artisans and worldwide gourmet sources. Stop in to Sky Valley for unique glass blown garden decor, garden tools, gadgets and interior home decor.


Sky Valley Nursery meets all your home and garden needs, to bring beauty and ease into your life!